Testimonials from our customers


Rhino Computer Services has helped me on three different occasions and done amazing work.  SAVED me from having to buy a new laptop!  Once it was the "blue screen of death", another time I got one of those viruses that threaten to delete your entire computer if you don't call them and pay and another I had just totally screwed up my screen and couldn't get anything to work.

They are FAST, knowledgeable, reasonable and you don't have to drive to them!  A lot of things can be corrected remotely rather than going to a certain store and standing in line and leaving your device there for days.

J. Dudley - Dothan, AL

We have used Rhino Computer Services for over 15 years working on our business and personal computers. They are honest, trustworthy, and very knowledgeable. I don't have to worry or deal with any of my technology needs/issues at all. I just make one call to them to come out and they take care of everything for me

.K.Grogan-Gainesville, Ga

Whatever your computer needs, Randy at Rhino Computer Services is your man. System setups, getting rid of viruses, gadgets such as Echo—you name it, he can help you. I have been very pleased with his work and his responsiveness 

.LeTrell Simpson-Gainesville, Ga

Thanks, Randy for always being so prompt with any repairs to my computer! Is there anything you don't know about them? You always come through for me when I need you. Thanks so much.

N. Presnell-Cleveland, Ga

Rhino Computer Services is THE premier company and the best for all of your computer and information technology needs. Randy is incredibly knowledgeable, exceptionally responsive and has been my computer needs specialist for over a decade. I have worked with other computer service companies prior to contacting Rhino Computer Services and I never looked back! There was NO comparison to the skill level, fast and friendly service...Randy is the best of the best!

He first responded to helping us set up a new computer system and helping with external hard drives and Itunes issues. He has helped me multiple times with my laptop and with viruses. He saved my computer from further damage on several occasions. Randy always came through quickly and provided a solution to every problem...even when I was several states away!

Randy of Rhino Computer Services is the absolute BEST and are untouchable on every level from knowledge, responsiveness and exceptional customer service!

Alison Moye-Chicago, Il

For more than 15 years, Doc and I have depended on Randy and Rhino Services for outstanding service both at home and office. We have never had a problem he could not correct.
He’s a great guy and is very respected in the community.

L. Marascalco-Gainesville, Ga